Mission Statement


This driving school has a non-discrimination policy. All clients will be treated equally regardless.

Protecting the Environmental

The goal of this driving school is to reduce carbon emissions, firstly by choosing the most fuel efficient and low emission car possible and working towards even more efficient future automatic driving school cars. Also endeavouring to maximise efficiency of safe driving lessons, so that clients learn in less time and reduce their carbon footprint. Secondly by encouraging future drivers to learn in automatic cars, facilitates the widespread demand for modern fuel-efficient automatic cars, including hybrid and electric cars which are automatic. Thirdly encouraging future drivers to use public transport, cycle, or walk where possible, avoid unnecessary journeys, and learn to drive in an eco-safe driving style for the rest of their life and pass this example on to others.  

Training and Qualifications

Continually improving knowledge and skills is a fundamental requirement for any forward-looking automatic driving school. Since qualifying as a driving instructor in 2005, I have trained in multiple courses. Obtaining a B-Tec level 4 in driver coaching. This is to give clients the best possible experience and the latest coaching techniques.


Driving lessons and contact will always be polite and respectful to all clients. Any contact with members of the public in or out of lessons will be done professionally. Best practice will be followed where ever possible to set an example to others. The driving school car will be kept as clean as possible inside and out.

Road Safety

Driving lessons will obey the law, driving standards of the driving school will be maintained at all times. Encouraging learner and new drivers to maintain high standards and believe in best practices. The long-term aspiration of this automatic driving school is to make an impact on future road safety.

Client Centred Training

Clients will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Rather than the driving instructor leading the learning, the client is the expert in their own learning style. The driving coach will facilitate a safe learning place for the best outcome and driving skills and attitudes for life. The goal is for the future driver to know their own character, so they may assess themselves, review their own driving and have a deeper understanding, so they can approach any new challenges independently.

Covid-19 Safety

This automatic driving school will meet the challenges of the pandemic, following all government guidance. Good hygiene practices and social distancing will be applied in the best way possible.