Why Choose Automatic?

Automatic cars are Safer to drive

Automatic cars are safer to drive, the auto driver is able to keep both hands on the wheel when driving, and can pay more attention to the road. Automatic lessons are a great idea in Melton Mowbray, as the town is hilly with lots of parked cars to negotiate. The automatic driver doesn’t need to reach down and drive with one hand when approaching junctions and passing parked cars. Automatic cars are brilliant at roundabouts, where it may be necessary to choose gears quickly, which would have resulted in possible dangerously stalling a manual car.

Automatic cars are more comfortable to drive

Not having to hold the clutch down and pump the peddle every few seconds is a major advantage of driving an automatic car in Melton Mowbray. Saving leg ache and cramps is a big advantage and not having to constantly reach across to change gear is great.

Automatic cars can help people to gain confidence

If you find learning to drive a manual car a challenge, and feel like giving up, DON’T. Try driving lessons in an automatic car in Melton Mowbray. It’s so much easier and brings the fun back in to driving.

If you have a driving licence but have lost confidence, then try automatic refresher lessons in Melton Mowbray. Give yourself a fresh start and the confidence to go one.

Automatic cars are Future Ready

The UK government has announced that by 2030 no new cars will be petrol or diesel, therefore they will need to be electric or hydrogen cell or another form of energy. All cars with this type of engine are automatic as they don’t require an old-fashioned gearbox. Manufacturers are already preparing for this as 62% of all new cars sold in the UK are already automatic. Every year the number of people making the wise choice to pass their driving test in an automatic car increases exponentially. Many companies who have a fleet of cars, vans or lorries are now choosing automatic.

Automatic cars are quicker to learn to drive in

You will require fewer hours of practice to learn to drive an automatic car in Melton Mowbray, as they are easier to pick up. So you will save money on your automatic driving course and be able to take your driving test sooner.

Automatic cars are better for the environment

Modern automatic gearboxes are very efficient as they are able to have more gears to choose from and are always in the right gear. Most average drivers often choose less efficient gears to drive in.

All Electric, Plug-in hybrid/electric cars are automatic, as well as Hybrid cars. These cars have either Zero or very low emissions.

You will never Stall or miss a Gear again!

Learning to drive in an automatic car in Melton Mowbray means you will never be able to stall the car! They always drive off, straight away with no embarrassing stalls. You will never have a scary moment when you go in to the wrong gear and lose control or crunch the gears or ride the clutch in an old-fashioned manual car.

Automatic cars can have better fuel economy

Due to the fact that automatic cars are always in the optimum gear, have more gears to choose from and can be hybrid or electric with no gears at all it means that they are paired up with the latest and most advanced engines, giving higher fuel economy.

Automatic cars have better performance

Modern automatic cars have faster acceleration than manual cars, that’s why all modern super cars and luxury cars are automatic this is due to them being able to change gears instantly and seamlessly, or in the case of electric cars like the Tesla with no gears at all the acceleration is incredible. Whether you want to drive smoothly or take advantage of the better performance it’s your choice.

Automatic cars are often cheaper to tax and insure

Because of the lower emissions of modern automatic cars they are often cheaper to tax as vehicle tax is calculated on how low the emissions are. Insurance is often lower due to them being safer and driven by more sensible drivers, therefore people tend to make less claims on the insurance.

Automatic cars come in all shapes and sizes

You can buy any kind of car with an automatic gearbox around Melton Mowbray, micro cars, mini cars, small cars, compact cars, medium cars, large cars, Estate, MPV, SUV’s, 4×4, vans, trucks. Whatever car you need there is an automatic option.

Better for disabled drivers

If you have any form of disability, automatic cars can suit you or be adapted for you.

People with learning difficulties find automatic cars often suit them

Whether you have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Asperger’s, Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, ADD, Non-Verbal, Executive function or any other extra challenge, automatic will help you to achieve your goal, with an instructor coach who will be tuned to help you.