Five Star Reviewed on FreeIndex

Libby, Barrow-Upon-Soar  *****
“Alec made me feel at ease as I was a nervous driver. I passed my driving first time and I would now class myself as a confident driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Alex, Melton *****
“Brilliant driving lessons, definitely a good teacher. I was very nervous at first but definitely helped me build my confidence in driving, never lost his temper and was a patient instructor. Passed my driving test fairly quickly with only 4 minors after 14 lessons. Ever since never struggled with difficult manoeuvres and I felt that his lessons weren’t just preparing me for the test but preparing me for driving on my own. Really worth booking driving lessons with him. Won’t regret it.
Chloe, Loughborough*****
“Alec is an amazing driving instructor. He is a very good teacher, he is great at communicating and is a very calm instructor but also firm when he has to be. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructo
Sally, Melton Mowbray *****
“Alec is a great driving instructor and definitely knows his stuff, would
recommend him to anyone in Melton 🙂”
Daniel, Whitwick *****
“Excellent driving instructor, would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you”
Eva, Loughborough *****
“Alec is a great automatic driving instructor! Thanks to him I passed my driving test 1st time in Melton Mowbray!”
Kam, Melton Mowbray *****
“Alec is an excellent automatic driving instructor who has an impressive ability to teach people the skills needed not only to pass their driving test, but to continue being a safe and worthy driver once the test is over with.
Overall he’s friendly, reliable driving instructor and extremely knowledgeable & I would highly recommend Alec .”

Graham, Melton *****
Alec is a very good driving instructor who was very knowledgeable, gave me great advice, helped me to get over my nerves behind the wheel & made sure I was ready to go on to pass my driving test at the 1st attempt. Highly recommended automatic driving instructor
David, Melton Mowbray *****
“Thanks enjoyed every minute of learning to drive automatic thanks best”
Aleks, Melton Mowbray *****
“Great automatic instructor, great lessons. highly recommend!”
Ariel, Melton Mowbray *****
“Alec is perfect driving instructor if you not only want to pass the test in Melton Mowbray, but he can teach you driving well and safe. You will get loads of information from him that will help you learn quick and pass, as hes very good at spotting your bad habits and mistakes. He will make sure to explain everything clearly and solve errors with you, its guaranteed you will get better and better with every lesson.”
“My son has some personal challenges, and had been badly discouraged by a different instructor, but from the very first automatic driving lesson with Alec, his confidence and ability grew. Alec was never late, always organized and professionally patient. Alec enabled my son to achieve his long-held goal, and passed his driving test first time, but more importantly… is today, an incredibly competent and SAFE driver. Being able to drive has enhanced his life beyond measure. I would unreservedly recommend Alec to anyone wanting to learn to drive in an automatic car in Long Clawson”

Magdalena,  Asfordby *****

“Hooray, I passed my driving test for the first time!!!!! massive thank you to my driving instructor Alec Hatwood. He wasn’t only a great and patient teacher but also a funny and friendly man who taught me how to drive!!!! I can recommend him to anyone!!!!” 

Lee *****

I recently met Alec while delivering the aCCeLerate two day coaching development course in Manchester. If your looking for an expert who is dedicated and committed to helping you learn in the best way for you, look no further. Alec has gone beyond in his training to ensure he’s fully up to date with the latest Client Centred Learning techniques which will help you learn faster and be a more skilled and safer driver.

William, Loughborough  *****
“Alec is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable driving instructor. He makes sure to take you through each new topic at a pace that suits your learning and teaches in a way that eliminates any potential bad habits a driver could have. He is very patient and always explains things in a way that simplifies it for the learner using his impeccable knowledge of the highway code. With Alec I managed to pass my test first time with only 2 minors.”

Santiago, Loughborough  *****
“Always very patient. I would definitely recommend Alec to other learner drivers in Loughborough.”

Jason, Melton Mowbray  *****
“Alec Hatwood is a very good Driving Instructor. He took me through everything stage by stage and broke it down for me in ways that I would understand and focus on. He has a great personality and very easy to talk to if there is something you don’t fully understand. I found Alec very knowledgeable of everything to with the Highway Code. With his guidance I passed my test first time with only 2 minor points”

Chris, Loughborough. *****
“I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Alec. He is a patient driving instructor and a great person to get on with. As well as teaching everything you need to know about the driving test itself, he often goes beyond that and give useful hints and tips about driving when you’re on your own. I would definitely recommend Alec as a driving instructor in Loughborough.”

Naomi, Quorn. *****
“Alec is an excellent driving instructor he teaches you to drive above the required level to pass your test. He taught me, my sister and her boyfriend to drive and we all passed the test first time which is testament to his to quality teaching. I would recommend Alec to all people wanting to learn to drive around the Loughborough area.”

Alison, near Loughborough. *****
“When I called Alec I was a driving-phobic 39 year old who had never driven before! And 10 months later I took my first driving test and passed the test first time. Alec is a very patient instructor and teaches you to drive in a way that makes good driving habits become things you do without thinking about them. After I passed, I also did a motorway driving lesson with Alec which takes the fear away about driving on a motorway for the first time.
Being able to drive my children around has altered our lives for the better.”

Trisha, Loughborough.   *****
“When I decided to pick up driving, I was a little nervous about the whole thing but Alec made the task a lot easier. He is a very calm and collected driving instructor and always takes time to make sure you feel comfortable and fully understand what you are doing and why. The key thing that worked well with me was his organised and methodical approach to learning to drive which
made the process clear and easy to digest. This was teamed with regular questioning and notes to keep note of progress and areas to concentrate on so that each driving lesson was tailored towards improvement in the right areas. Finally, Alec does his best to ensure you cover all possible routes and obstacles around Loughborough that may face you in your driving test and thus helps you to be as prepared as possible. Overall, I would highly recommend Alec to anyone looking to learn to drive around Loughborough. He is approachable, well versed in driving and overall, he brings success!”

Mary, Loughborough University.  *****
“After quite a few failed attempts and two years of lessons, I switched to Alec. He worked on correcting my technique, restoring my confidence and getting rid of my tendency to panic under stressful situations. He’s an absolute perfectionist, 100% dedicated and passionate about his job, he will go out of the way to make sure you pass the driving test. Not only did he prepare me for the driving test itself, but he also taught me valuable skills to use after passing the driving test. The week of my actual test it snowed heavily, but Alec still offered to take me out to teach me how to drive in such conditions in the future. I’m pleased to say that after switching to Alec I passed the driving test first time and am now a confident (and safe) driver.”

Liz, Thurcaston. *****
“I learnt to drive with Alec in March 2006, and had weekly lessons with him until July 2007- I was a slow learner! But Alec was incredibly patient with me, even when I made some horrendous mistakes!

Alec is incredibly calm and relaxed when teaching you to drive, but also friendly and approachable, and I would look forward to my lessons with him. Due to his mechanic background, he also has an excellent knowledge of cars, which he is enthusiastic to share, and thus I know a lot more about vehicles than my friends- I am the one they ring up to ask car questions, and I have never yet been in a situation I am unsure how to deal with. He has also continued to make his expertise available to me since I passed my driving test, and I feel I can always drop him an email if I need any advice on any car-related matters.
Since passing my driving test 3 years ago, I have had to make no claims on my insurance, have had no accidents (touch wood!) and many of my passengers often remark on my driving, saying how safe and relaxed they feel in my car- and this is down to Alec. In short, Alec is an excellent driving instructor, and after my experience with him, I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him as a driving instructor to others in the Loughborough area.”

Coral, near Loughborough. *****
I am glad I had Alec to teach me to drive. He taught me so well that I passed first time. Never once did I dread a lesson. He is a perfectionist so I was confident when he put me in for my test as he wouldn’t have done so if he thought I wasn’t capable. He has good teaching methods, stays calm, is patient and friendly driving instructor.
When conversations about driving instructors come up, I say… (Mine was the best I passed first time)”

Sarah, Shepshed.   *****
“Alec is an excellent driving instructor. He is a very patient teacher which always helps when learning to drive. Before starting anything new, Alec would always explain everything and use easy to follow diagrams so I was always well prepared. I’m really happy with the quality of the teaching Alec provided and feel that it’s made me a safe confident driver.”

Alex, Loughborough  *****

“Alec is the most fantastic driving instructor in Loughborough and should take credit for helping me pass on my first driving test. He has enabled me to become a confident and safe driver and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive in Loughborough.”